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Dale Griggs

Tales of an Alaskan Sourdough

This web site was created to amuse my friends and me and to let my grandson know I had a prior life. His name is Jeffrey and he lived with me for seven years, from age three to age ten. The story of my years in Alaska, An Alaskan Odyssey, is dedicated to him.

To read about adventures and misadventures in Alaska, click here:

An Alaskan Odyssey

There are three pages of photos: Alaska, Jeffrey and me and Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

The Alaska Years

Jeffrey and Me

Rio de Janeiro

Instead of sending me a message that says, "Tell me more about yourself", you can find out more than you want to know by clicking here:

The Desert Fox

If you want to call me a male chauvinst, comment on my lack of taste, send me money or gifts or just engage in conversation, click here:

Contact Me

Wilderness Valley in The Wrangall Mountains

Wilderness valley in the
Wrangall Mountains of
southcentral Alaska.

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